The Big Unanswered Questions of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4

What’s up with Tilly? 

In the fourth episode of the season, “All Is Possible,” Lt. Sylvia Tilly heroically saved the lives of several Starfleet cadets, as well as Ensign Adira Tal, after their shuttle crashed on an ice planet. This experience, combined with trauma from the first episode led Tilly to leave the USS Discovery and accept a post at the newly reformed Starfleet Academy. Mary Wiseman has assured fans that they “will see Tilly again before the end of the season.” But what does that mean exactly? Will Tilly stay at Starfleet Academy forever? Is she getting her own Starfleet Academy show with Kovich (David Cronenberg)? And, when she does return, how will she assist the crew? In the trailer for the rest of Discovery Season 4, we briefly see Tilly and Admiral Vance at Federation HQ…and then there’s an explosion. Is Tilly okay!? 

Will Gray remain on Trill?

In the mid-season finale, “…But to Connect,” Gray — now fully incorporated in a new Synth body — decides to return to Trill to become a guardian. This means he’ll be watching over the pools where the symbionts live, and generally doing Trill stuff. Adira and Gray are not breaking up to be clear, and Adira made it clear they are fine with having a long-distance relationship. Still, considering that Gray was the one who helped the crew realize what was wrong with Zora (the ship’s sentient computer) it feels like the ship is lacking the crewmember with the most emotional intelligence. 

Will Culber quit as ship’s counselor? 

In the 23rd Century where Discovery came from, Starfleet didn’t have ships’ counselors on the regular. But, starting with Season 4, Culber has retroactively become both a physician and the counselor for everyone in the DISCO crew. This has to lead to a great deal of strain for Culber, and in the episode “The Examples,” Dr. Kovich tells him that it’s pretty obvious that Culber still hasn’t dealt with his survivors’ guilt. So, will Culber stay on the ship, or not?

What’s going on with Nhan?

Yeah, you forgot about how the crew left poor Nhan on that seed vault ship in Season 3, didn’t you? Well, Nhan didn’t forget! The former USS Enterprise security officer, who hitched a ride with DISCO into the future will be back in the second half of Discovery Season 4. The mid-season trailer clearly shows Rachael Ancheril back as Nhan. So, why is she back? Is the seed vault ship still a thing?

What’s the deal with Tarka’s “other” universe?

In “…But to Connect” Tarka tells Book about a different parallel universe separate from any universe we’ve heard about before. He claims that in this universe the Burn never happened and there’s no war. Is this real? Is Tarka lying? 

Is Presiden Rillak hiding something? 

Since the start of Discovery Season 4, the new President of the United Federation of Planets has seemed hyper-focused on what the crew of DISCO does, and with Michael Burnham in specific. Laira Rillak has also talked a lot about alternatives to warp drive, which is interesting because the Dark Matter Anomaly itself seems to travel through space in an instantaneous and unexpected way. Is Rillak somehow more aware of the origins of the anomaly than she’s let on?