Superman & Lois Episode 7: Inside the "Man of Steel" Ending That Changes the Series

“From there, we really dove into the fun of planting those seeds and developing who that character is,” Jamison says.

Bringing John Henry Irons to Life

“For me, as an actor, I really wanted to tap into his pain,” Parks says. “I didn’t want him to come off as malicious. The difference between John Henry and a character like Lex Luthor is that Lex is a narcissist, he’s a selfish guy, but John is selfless, we just haven’t seen it.”

To his point, we’ve already seen the Stranger soften slightly from the earliest episodes, particularly as he gets to know this world’s Lois. But in “Man of Steel,” Parks really gets to show new sides of the character, and has three incredibly powerful scenes. The first is when he watches his world’s Lois die on live TV, the next is when he says a tearful goodbye to his daughter as he sets out on his mission of vengeance, and then there’s his big brawl with Superman, where he finally creates a hammer that can stop a Kryptonian and explains why he’s here.

“All the actors gave everything,” Ramsey says. “It’s just so wonderful as an actor going and working with other actors who just get it. The death of Lois was really very, very powerful. They were shot separately, obviously, her coverage on the roof, and then Wolé and Nat’s reaction to that. Both of those moments were incredibly, incredibly powerful, just shooting it.”

Superman & Lois has a pattern of building up slowly to its big action sequences, and it places as much emphasis on interpersonal drama as it does Kryptonian throwdowns. For Ramsey, who came from the similarly action-and-drama heavy Arrow, it’s a natural progression. And having been part of some big dramatic reveals in the past, he knows just how to make them work in this episode. 

“As a director, being an actor is my greatest strength,” Ramsey says. “Particularly, in a show like Superman & Lois, which is really actor friendly, you’re just sitting the camera down and letting the actors perform. To the great credit of the production team and the writers, it really is a show that allows the actors to indulge.”

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