Station Eleven Ending Explained: The Circle Never Breaks

While Kirsten is originally going to star in the play, she can’t help but notice there is a rare opportunity afoot. The dynamics among Clark, Elizabeth, and Tyler a.k.a. The Prophet are basically that of the central characters in Hamlet to begin with. Tyler is the brash, young prince of Denmark, Hamlet. Elizabeth is his mom Queen Gertrude. Clark is Claudius, newly-crowned king of Denmark following the death of his brother, Hamlet’s father. Taking on the role of director and casting the family as Hamlet’s leads, Kirsten is betting that the power of story will lead to a friendlier end than what awaited the real Hamlet.

Indeed it does. For while Tyler switches out a prop knife with a real knife, he cannot bring himself to kill his “uncle.” Clark whispers to Tyler that he loved his father too and decades of animosity begin to wash away. In many ways, this is more thrilling than any “final battle” could be. The camera periodically cuts to members of the audience who, watching real life ART being performed in front of them for the first time, wear expressions of rapturous joy and shock. It’s like they’re watching a miracle being performed in front of them, which in truth: they are. 

Jeevan and Kirsten

Speaking of miracles, the Station Eleven finale really enjoys teasing its viewers as to whether Kirsten will meet her childhood protector Jeevan Chaudhary (Himesh Patel) again. Jeevan, now a doctor as we saw in episode 9, arrives to the airport early on to care for Clark’s burn wounds. There he also keeps vigil at Sarah’s side as she peacefully passes away. 

Jeevan and Kirsten are so close to seeing each other once again. In fact, in one early scene Kirsten and Elizabeth walk past in the background as Jeevan speaks with Miles (Milton Barnes). Still, Station Eleven makes us wait until the performance of Hamlet is complete to reunite the pair. 

In the original Station Eleven book written by Emily St. John Mandel, Jeevan and Kirsten don’t share nearly as much screen time. In the show, however, Jeevan’s selfless stewardship of Kirsten for years forms the emotional backbone of the entire story. As such, one can scarcely imagine a more emotional reunion than this one. 

In the show’s very last scene, Kirsten and Jeevan walk down the same road together at the tail end of the Traveling Symphony as it rides off to its next destination. Kirsten and Jeevan’s paths will diverge again soon, with Kirsten carrying on to the next location on the wheel and Jeevan returning home to his children. But they’ll see each other again on The Wheel.