Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett Villains Explained

Black Krrsantan

The rumors were true! Boba Fett and Fennec Shand aren’t the only bounty hunters vying for control of Jabba’s empire. Fierce Wookiee warrior Black Krrsantan wants a piece of the action, too. It’s revealed that this fan-favorite mercenary is working for a pair of Hutt twins who are staking a claim on Tatooine.

If you don’t recognize the black-furred, snarling Wookiee bounty hunter, it’s because this is his first appearance in live action. He was first introduced in Marvel’s Darth Vader comic book series in 2015. Forced to flee his home world of Kashyyyk during the Imperial era, Krrsantan became a heavyweight champion gladiator, fighting for a pair of crime bosses known as the Xonti Brothers, who made alterations to his body, including filling Krrsantan’s knuckles with metal to make his punches more deadly.

Later on, Krrsantan became a bounty hunter, working for Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. At one point, he even took Owen Lars, Luke Skywalker’s uncle from A New Hope, hostage for interfering with Jabba’s water tax on the planet. Luckily, old Ben Kenobi stepped in to save Uncle Owen from the Wookiee. Yes, Krrsantan has even faced down Jedi Master, although he lost this particular bout.

The Wookiee has also worked for Darth Vader and the Empire, and has collaborated with Boba Fett in the past. He’s had run-ins with Han Solo and Chewbacca and even helped stop a plot to assassinate Emperor Palpatine.

His new Hutt employers aren’t quite as powerful as the Empire was at its height, but the twins are undoubtedly paying him enough credits to stand up to a rival as well-known as Boba Fett. It’ll be interesting to see these two bounty hunting legends spar later on in the season.

Hutt Twins

Speaking of the Hutts, it’s really no surprise that Jabba’s colleagues have finally come to Tatooine to collect what they feel is rightfully theirs. These twins are new to the Star Wars universe, but it’s revealed in “The Tribes of Tatooine” that they’re Jabba’s cousins, and therefore the true daimyos of Mos Espa.