Power Rangers: Ranking All 26 Seasons

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season three starts off with one of the best multi parters in the series history, “A Friend in Need,” setting up the Masked Rider spin off and opening up the PR universe to well… the universe. After that we have a ton of mini series that write out Kimberly, bring in Kat, give us a whole new fleet of zords, and even turn the Rangers into little kids.

The season never lets up with how much it changed the Power Rangers universe and also introduces a whole new team of Rangers, the Alien Rangers from Aquitar, led by the ever so kickass Delphine. First female team leader in Power Rangers history? That instantly earns it a ton of points.

4. RPM

What do you do when your show is on the brink of cancellation? In RPM’s case, you go all out. Set in a post apocalyptic world but still having a good sense of fun (it’s not dark and gritty, I promise) RPM stands out for some of the best character work in the series history.

No more is this exemplified then in Doctor K, the team’s mentor. From being locked up in a government think tank as a young child to dealing with the guilt of ending the world, as we know it, it’s some tough stuff. This is balanced out by the wacky antics of Green Ranger, Ziggy and the pyrotechnic loving Gold and Silver Rangers, Gem and Gemma. At times the series felt like it was trying to shed its Power Rangers identity, but it ends on one of the most PR style endings you could ever have.

3. In Space

Remember when I said MMPR season 3 opened up the show’s universe? Well In Space explored it, literally. Carrying over most of second half Turbo’s cast, the show was able to hit the ground running with some real weight and gravitas. Oh yeah, and our new Red Ranger doesn’t know how to eat a banana. It’s the little touches.

We even get a team up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The show keeps building on itself with some impressive twists and turns and when the secret of Andros’ sister is revealed? The show kicks it into high gear. The only real blemish on the season is the inane Psycho Ranger arc, which has some cool moments but is just killing time. On the whole though, In Space is a triumph for Power Rangers.

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