Premium Cross Training Glove and Wrist Wrap

Premium Cross Training Glove and Wrist Wrap Set for High Performance Wrist and Callus Protection During Heavy WOD’s

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  • I have thumbed up these High Performance Cross Training Gloves and Wrist Wraps By DoubleDagger. 
  • Being One who is slightly age and definitely needing to maintain a consistent workout and exercise regiment, I needed these gloves.  Having a hands on job causes calluses , so using these gloves for workouts is necessary for my comfort.  A great feature of the DoubbleDagger Gloves is the separated wrist wraps that are great when you need them, and removeable when you dont need them.  Examples of this is the lack of wrist mobility with other types of wrist support gloves, and how these allow to have palm/hand protection without wrist-block.
  • The color coordination is nice, along with the sturdy durability of them is commendable.
  • I am convinced about them, so I’ll add some product information I dug up to help you with your decision to try them out.  Especially with their Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee For A Risk Free Purchase!
  • They stand behind everything that they produce. Their premium quality training gloves and wrist straps come with a risk free money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy we’ll refund you or send you another pair free of charge.
  • Product Specs:
  • Separate heavy duty wrist strap
    • Ergonomic padding system designed to protect grip hotspots without getting in the way.
      • Unique bare knuckle design for cross training. Switch comfortably from pushups to pull-ups without bunching, digging, or loss of grip strength.
      • Professional quality construction for long lasting protection.
      • Hand washable!
      • Wrong fit equals blisters (the opposite of why you are here).Use the size chart below, but — keep in mind — our sizes match the size you wear in other gloves most of the time. In between sizes? Pick the size you usually wear.

        Measure the circumference of your flat hand at the knuckles (not including your thumb)

        XL:9.4-10.2 in
        L:8.6-9.4 in
        M: 7.7-8.6 in
        S: 6.9-7.7 in

    • Unlike 2in1 designs, our gloves move with you. No more digging between your fingers when you drop for pushups. No more restricted range of motion when you don’t need wrist support.

I was fortunate enough to receive this first one at a discount in exchange for my honest review. And hereby highly recommend it for, not only Family and Friends, yet is excellent for any and everyone.




Premium Splatter Screen From Urbachef

Premium Splatter Screen From Urbachef for Frying Pans and Pots -12″ Grease Splatter Guard Prevents Burns and Keeps the Kitchen Tidy – Stainless Steel Fine Mesh With Ergonomic Silicone Covered Handle

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  • I absolutely Love this Splatter Screen and I put it to use as soon as it arrived.  The fact that it fits various pots or skillet sizes was remarkable because it allows you to tend to your food, add liquids and very importantly, prevents you from splatter burn.  The feature also allows the food to breath, all the while maintaining high percentages of heat and steam.  The aspect of preserving heat cuts your cooking times down drastically.  The sturdiness of the Premium Splatter Screen from  UrbaChef is a long lasting feature that I love.  I will share some product information and product facts I discovered.:
  • With one of our splatter screens for cooking, you won’t end up with splatters all over the stove & walls! The splatter guard kitchen tool makes clean-up after meals as easy as washing the screen
  • Made of 201 stainless steel fine mesh splatter screen keeps grease & messes contained with ease; The steel construction ensures that the splatter guard will not burn on a gas stove & that it’s strong enough to last through thousands of uses
  • Silicone splatter screen handle is highly heat resistant, and the ergonomic design makes the splatter screen silicone, easy to grip
  • Splatter screen for frying pan cookware measures 12″ in diameter with grooved 8″, 10″ and 12″ rings, so the splatter guard screen will fit securely most pots and pans
  • Most Important is the SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Urbachef is committed to offering only the best splatter guard for frying pans on the market today! If you’re not completely satisfied with our grease splatter screen within 30 days of your purchase, They’ll refund your money
  • I was fortunate enough to receive this first one at a discount in exchange for my honest review. And hereby highly recommend it for, not only Family and Friends, yet is excellent for any and everyone.



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Petpost Premium Dog Ear Cleaner

Petpost | Dog Ear Cleaner – All Natural Coconut Oil – Best Treatment for Mite, Yeast and Ear Infections – Beats Harsh Medication – 8 oz.

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