Love Trap: Contemporary Woman’s Novel by Amnon Jackont eBook Review #LoveTrap #Review


Love Trap by Amnon Jackont

Love Trap is a fascinating and unconventional story about lies, friendship and love. It occurs in the dark and mysterious domain, between reality and distortion, created by fear and hope.

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The Pacifier by Sophia Grace Review #Thriller #Mystery #ThePacifier #Review

The Pacifier (Thriller / Mystery) by Sophia Grace

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States — that’s roughly 2,000 per day. Continue reading

Almost Perfect by Orly Krauss-Winer #Review #Promotion


Almost Perfect: Mystery & Crime Romantic Thriller (Conspiracies & Legal Fiction, Woman Mystery)

What would you do if your best friend and colleague was suspected of murder?
The world of Nili Abadi, partner in a successful law firm, is turned upside down when the body of another partner is found in a burned-out car that belongs to her best friend. The fact that her friend is also a colleague and an ex-lover of the deceased, leads the police to arrest her as the main suspect in the murder.

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Out of the Shoebox: An Autobiographic Mystery by Yaron Reshef #Review #promotion


Out of the Shoebox: An Autobiographic Mystery (Historical Nonfiction story)

Out of the Shoebox is a fascinating journal that reads like a detective story, comes across as an imaginative quest into the past, yet is the true personal story of the writer, Yaron Reshef.

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Haven Series Collection Books 1 & 2 #review

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D. C. Akers introduces us to Haven … a world of magic, a refuge for Witches…  Orcs…Vampires… Elves…Goblins… This has been a place of peace for many years but Haven’s peace is about to end because dark secrets are coming forth…with them a dark evil will come alive. The mystery, the magic and the supernatural will grab you from the beginning…add some action and a beautiful writing style to this combo and you got a world that will keep you captivated for hours 🙂 The writing style of both books is beautiful and the characters are memorable… Continue reading