MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer

MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer, Heartrate Monitor, Speedometer, Odometer, Calorie Tracker

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  • The things I learned and love about the  MeasuPro Wireless Bicycle Computer is that All the information you need is at your fingertips and will  provide you with all the readings you need to track cycling results and improve your bike trips. With its built-in heart rate monitor, bicycle speedometer, timer, odometer and calorie tracker this compact unit is nothing short of awesome, and operating it is as simple as can be. Now you can clearly see your speed, time, distance, and calories burned. Data can be displayed by current or total calculations.
  • To put it simply and complete here are some of the features of this great product :
  • It has a Built-in heart rate monitor, a bicycle speedometer, a timer, odometer, and calorie tracker.
  • It is lightweight, durable, and water resistant with a simple user interface.
  • It has Wireless transmission between the sensor and unit which makes its use hassle free.
  • It Tracks and displays heart rate readings in 5.2KHz.
  •  You can  choose to display the data as current, maximum, or average. All these features coupled with MeasuPro’s excellent customer service and two-year warranty make it one of the best bike computers on the market.

Our Staff here @ received this product at a promotional rate in exchange for our honest, unbiased review and product assessment.

MeasuPro Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

MeasuPro Wrist Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Heart Rate Monitor, Hypertension Color Alert Display, Two User Modes, IHB Indicator and Memory Recall

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  • The MeasuPro Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a Automatic easy-to-use digital blood pressure monitor with one-step measuring technique. It works by Measuring blood pressure , along with pulse rate.
  • Classify your pressure with visual ease with this Color coded backlit LCD screen which displays hypertension levels with clarity.
  • It is Designed for 2 users with individual easy-access buttons. This wrist blood pressure monitor stores 60 records per user and access your records at any time to track your progress.
  • The MeasuPro Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor conveniently calculates the average of your last three readings and displays them in the memory. Includes date and time memory recall.
  • Because they are Wireless, compact and portable!you can store this monitor anywhere. Convenience is key.  
 So here a few method of convenience that are very useful ;
Measurements taken are stored in the correct user’s profile by simply pressing the user’s number icon. Results of the measurements will be displayed and classified in accordance with the classification of the blood pressure by the American Heart Association. Measurements are taken through a fast and easy process using Measure and Inflate technology.
This digital blood pressure monitor records up to 120 blood pressure readings, 60 readings per user, with date and time memory recall.
It also calculates and averages your blood pressure based on the last 3 readings and detects irregular heartbeats and any arrhythmia’s.
The MeasuPro blood pressure monitor cuffs fit wrist with circumferences of 13.5 cm – 21.5 cm, comes with a user manual. and most importantly a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty .
Our Staff here @ received this product at a promotional rate in exchange for our honest, unbiased review and product assessment.