OULII Portable Clear Plastic Jewelry Box Organizer Storage Container

OULII Portable Clear Plastic Jewelry Box Organizer Storage Container with Adjustable Dividers, 36-Grid

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  • I first would like to say that I Love this container , because the OULII Portable Clear Plastic Jewelry Box Organizer Storage Container is great for me , my Wife , as well as our children.
  • They are perfect for my General contracting business where I have tons of small screws, nails, washers, etc.  Being able to organize them for convenient access and use is invaluable to my efficiency.  They have served me well also by giving my Wife’s storage space for her earrings, rings and other jewels.  Just as important is the help they provide with my daughters hair beads , bows and barrettes.
  • I especially enjoy the sturdiness of this product, the compartment size variability and the depth of it.  So I researched some product specifics to share with everyone :
  • Has clear, durable, hard plastic material. Total size (L*W*H): about 27.5*17.8*4.3cm. Each grid size (L*W*H): 4.5*3*3.8cm.
  • It has 36 grids creating a storage box organizer, thats simple and practical.
  • Removable dividers: The grid inside the box can be moved, so you can adjust the dividers to create your own size compartments.
  • Can also be used to store a variety of pills and a variety of small drugs.
  • Portable design and easy to use carry.
  • Package Includes 1 * OULII Portable Clear Plastic Jewelry Box Organizer Storage Container with Adjustable Dividers, 36-Grid

I was fortunate enough to receive this first one at a discount in exchange for my honest review.  And hereby highly recommend it for, not only Family and Friends, yet is excellent for any and everyone.



Smart Weigh High Precision Digital Milligram Scale

Smart Weigh High Precision Digital Milligram Scale, with Case, Tweezers, Calibration Weights, Reloading, 50 x 0.001g


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  • The Smart Weigh Precision Milligram Scale was designed with an attention to detail! This electronic scale, simply put, is one of the best and I am sure you will agree that its ability to hit the mark and pinpoint your weight readings is incredible. This digital scale takes it a step further with its high precision sensors and can measure even the finest of components. It’s accurate, versatile, and compact enough to travel with and store anywhere. It features a large negative LCD display which

    • Displays weight in various measurements g, oz, ct, ozt, dwt, and gn. This is perfect for weighing fine items including jewelry, powder, vitamins, and medication.
    • Includes a set of tweezers for handling high precision items and two 20 gram weights for simple scale calibration thus increasing performance and accuracy.

    The weighing platform has a tray groove to protect and conceal the items you are weighing. It also includes a beautifully designed, durable protective carrying case, and flip top that increases accuracy and helps aid in protection. So whether you are measuring gold, silver, or any other jewelry, it has you covered. It’s so precise it can even handle vitamins, medication, and powder! It has a capacity of 50 grams, so turn it on, load it up, and get measuring immediately.

    Included with the scale are a set of tweezers for those moments when you need to be exact, and two 20 gram calibration weights for simple step refinement. It also comes with two AAA batteries and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Our Staff @ willowbey.com received this product at a promotional rate in exchange for our honest, unbiased review and product assessment.