Eagle Eyewear Ambassador EE-001 Computer Glasses

Eagle Eyewear Ambassador EE-001 Computer Glasses in Stainless Steel Frame with UV Protection, Anti Glare and Scratch Resistant Lens

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  • Eagle Eye Wear computer glasses are designed to protect your eyes from our increasingly digital world. Their specially designed lenses filter out harsh UV rays, while the anti reflective coating blocks visual glare. Impact resistant lenses and stainless steel frames mean these glasses are built to last, while the timeless style makes them appropriate for use anywhere: work, gaming, or just browsing your phone!
    • As someone who works a 9-5 staring at PC’s, and then coming home and sitting in front of a PC.                 I decided it would be in my best interest to protect my eyes from strain and harm.                                     These EagleEyeWear computer Glasses provide
    • UV Protective lenses that block harsh blue light from digital screens
    • Anti glare coating reduces eye strain during prolonged viewing sessions
    • Lightweight stainless steel frames and impact resistant lenses are built to last
    • Adjustable nosepads for ultimate comfort
      • Weighing only 25 grams, this lightweight design remains comfortable during periods of extended use.  I put the Eagle Eyewear on my face, and I could immediately tell a difference. The frames are extremely sturdy, and the glasses just feel natural on my face. For the price, these glasses are incredible, and I will be sure to guide my friends towards Eagle Eyewear over the competitors, because in my experience, these are the best pair of glasses for anyone who works on PC’s or enjoys gaming on them.
    • Our Staff @ willowbey.com received this product at a promotional rate in exchange for Our honest, unbiased review and honest assessment.

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