Scream 5: David Arquette Interested in Seeing New Sides of Dewey

Yet there is the chance to do something new in Scream 5 with a character Arquette knows as well as Dewey.

“It will definitely be interesting to see,” says Arquette. “I had some comments for the directors about the way I saw Dewey, and who I think he is, and stuff like that. It makes it kind of easy because I have played him so many times, he’s kind of this other life I’ve lived in a way.”

With that said, Arquette is quick to point out that what he wants most for Scream 5 is Neve Campbell to return to the role of Sidney Prescott. Campbell has played Sid in all four previous Scream movies and has had talks with new franchise directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. But unlike other franchise leads like Arquette and his ex-wife Courteney Cox, Campbell has yet to sign onto the fifth movie.

“I just hope that Neve comes back too, so we can all be in it together. She’s such an important piece to this, she’s really the heart and soul of it.”

Still, there’s a lot of openness about what the role of Dewey has meant to Arquette, both on screen and in his life away from the film set as the years passed. At one point in the film You Cannot Kill David Arquette, his wife Christina McLarty says he’s sometimes been frustrated with the typecasting he experienced after Scream. But when the subject comes up in our interview, Arquette is sure to note the role has been a blessing for the opportunities it’s afforded him, even if he’s seen other setbacks.

“That’s more my wife saying that, and I think it came from me having a big ‘woe is me’ attitude toward it all,” Arquette says. “Doing a whole bunch of AT&T commercials probably hurt my career more than Scream. Scream was one of the great parts of my career. It’s a film that people love, it was highly successful, it allowed me a lot of advantages. Wrestling too. I never blamed wrestling at all for the trajectory of my career.”

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