Antonio Breez – Boston HIP HOP – Gittuff Entertainment @AntonioBreez

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I would like to introduce you to Gittuff Entertainment’s artist Antonio Breez:
Antonio started his life in the big city of Brooklyn, NY, and currently represents the Hip Hop scene of Boston. With his Stepfather being an emcee, Antonio gained his love for music as he experienced it first hand, watching his Stepfather record and perform throughout his childhood. When the opportunity presented itself, Antonio started to display his talent throughout junior high school all the way up to his present years at Curry College. “I feel like Music is something I was born to do!” says Antonio.
“It’s a way for me to channel out my emotions and express the way I see things through my eyes. I feel free!” Antonio gained his first experiences as a lyricist when he performed in school talent shows. Doing so inspired others in the area to follow the path he created for himself. School cafeterias and auditoriums soon turned into clubs and big venues under the management of Gittuff Entertainment.
Antonio’s most popular works include his debut Single “Wet“. A “Boom Bap”, 90’s Hip Hop-Esque composition that has earned him publicity from juggernaut networks MTV2, VEVO, VH1 and etc. Antonio is ready to take the world by storm. He is currently working on his first full length album titled “The Convocation of Antonio Breez”. 

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