Ode to Dominique ……. Happy Birthday


Ode to Dominique

Happy Birthday

Have u ever been taught by someone who has never read a book, caught a football, drove a car, travel on his own, spoke of his dreams and etc.
Well I have, as his father and biggest fan.
You see Dominique has Down syndrome but have never complained about it!!
Dominique is wise beyond his years not by what he does, like so many of us want to be known for but by what he doesn’t do.
Dominique never complain and god knows he could have a lot to complain about, never criticize or scrutinize, never mean to even those whom are to him, never hit anyone, respects his elders, never lie, never curse; well he does curse sometimes lol I guess nobody is perfect(smile)
Dominique is always trying to make you happy by dancing, joking around showing you love when he see you like all of us should
I have learned so much from him and continue to learn
The most important I have learned is never give up
The dr. Said he wouldn’t live this long to see 24 yrs. of age yet he continue to thrive
What would we do without him
Scary to think of
I love my son and my teacher!!

Thank you for blessing me
Dominique archelles pettis

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