Are your sheets killing you? #cotton #organic

According to Coyuchi []—pioneers in organic, sustainable home textiles—conventional cotton is one of the “dirtiest” textiles on Earth, and we shouldn’t be sleeping on it.

There are 3 reasons why conventional cotton bedding is dangerous:

Cotton accounts for 25% of the world’s pesticide use, including 3 of the chemicals that are most hazardous to human health: aldicarb, parathion, and methamidophos. These toxic chemicals hurt the workers and farm communities where the cotton is grown and make their way into poisoning water supplies and then possibly into your bed.

Conventional cotton sheets are colored with toxic dyes that can rub off on skin. The permanent press finishes that are applied to conventional cotton sheets release formaldehyde, which has been associated with skin irritation and breathing problems.

>> GM-NO
Conventional cotton is grown from GMO seeds, meaning they’ve been genetically modified from their natural state. The negative effects of changes to a crop’s toxic and allergenic properties and crop yields are largely unknown. GMO seeds can also be extremely costly to farmers and not yield the return they were promised leaving them in a great deal of debt.


Coyuchi aims to reduce the harmful impacts of conventional cotton by making sheets, duvets, and towels from natural and organic fibers that are free of toxic dyes, bleaches, and finishes.


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Coyuchi []


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