3 Herbs and Spices That Can Save Your Skin #SkinCare #Health #Beauty


 Did you know herbs hold therapeutic benefits for your skin?

Plant oils and extracts are the basis of beauty products. Aloe, jojoba, rose, and lavender are a few healthy cosmetic ingredients regularly found on labels.

3 Best Herbs for Skin

1. Lemongrass: It has natural antibacterial and astringent properties and it is often used in skincare for acne. It is milder than chemical ingredients, but is powerful. Aromatherapy benefits include tension relief and invigoration.

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2. Licorice: Dealing with rosacea, acne, or irritation? Licorice root may help. This herb holds the power to soothe skin and calm inflammation. It also protects against infection.

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3. Rosemary: This herb is super yummy. And guess what? Skin loves it too. Its antiseptic qualities make it ideal for use in acne treatments. But Rosemary is most widely used in hair care for its ability to stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair. Have dandruff or dry scalp? Rosemary is said to help with that too.

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