6 Super Summer Snacks for those Who Want to be Fit and Fabulous #SummerSnacks #Fit #Fabulous

6 Super Summer Snacks for those Who Want to be Fit and Fabulous

Snacking is something just about everyone does. It’s hard to resist the urge to grab some snacks, especially during the summer when you are having fun and on the run. The problem is that many people grab the wrong types of snacks, which may work against their desire to be fit and fabulous. Far too often, people reach for sugary snacks, which according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can lead to health problems such as weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. For those who want to be fit and fabulous this summer, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the snack choices they make. Continue reading

Reggae Gold 2017 Will Be Released on July 21

Reggae Gold 2017 Will Be Released on July 21
Pre-Orders Available Now
The Reggae Gold compilation series from VP Records has presented the best of dancehall, roots and lovers rock reggae for over two decades. Now in its 24th year, Reggae Gold continues its run as the ultimate reggae music compilation for reggae mavens and those new to the genre. The 2017 edition of Reggae Gold offers current hits and future classics plus, multiple exclusive tracks from some reggae’s biggest stars. Now available for pre-order, the album is in stores July 21st.
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Clean Enhanced Organics™ Surf Spray Surf Styler #cleanenhancedorganics #cleanenhanced

Clean Enhanced Organics™ Surf Spray Surf Styler

Sexy Salty Windswept Hair


Clean Enhanced Organics™ Surf Spray Surf Styler creates a salty, sun-dried, wind-swept and sexy look in short, groomed hair. Provides extra-strong hold, control, moisture and style.  Formulated with organic Kelp, Lime and Patchouli extracts, organic Lime and Birch essential oils and imported Dead Sea Salts.

Clean Enhanced Organics is a salon-only hair care line that believes in the power of organic ingredients to cleanse, condition and restore hair as nature intended. They insist on the highest possible level of product performance. They strive to use organic ingredients whenever and wherever possible. Where organic ingredients, however, do not exist or are still being developed, they supplement their organic formulas with clean, non-toxic conventional ingredients to assure the ultimate in product performance.

You can buy CLEAN enhanced organics™ products online at http://cleanenhancedorganics.com

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