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Welcome to Digest Aware

Do you have heartburn?
Get gassy or bloated?
Feel tired all the time?
It might very well be solved by this free App that guides you to make better food choices and could eliminate the need to take non prescription drugs.


How Digest Aware addresses the issues?

Eating more alkaline than acidic foods is crucial, because with too much acidic foods our body goes out of balance. (i.e. heartburn, arthritis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel disorders, and even cancer) Digest Aware helps you to identify and track over 6500 foods by their Potential Renal Acid Load (PRAL). In light of that that information you can make better choices to stay in the healthy, daily PRAL range of -15 to -35. The App does not stop here, it also tells you how each food on your plate digests together when mixed and tells you why. Combinations are labeled as ‘GOOD’, ‘FAIR’, ‘POOR’, and ‘BAD’. If a combination is BAD you can be certain that food ferments in the stomach causing bloated feeling and makes you gassy. If you decide to eat them in same meal anyways, then the so called sequential eating can reduce discomfort. Finishing each food in your meal separately in a sequence creates layers upon layers in the stomach, which then does not require different enzymes at the same time for digestion. The stomach gets smaller and more comfortable as each layer is absorbed. What happens when you eat smart? Your body has more energy to heal and feel better. The more discipline to obey the laws – the more health.

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