Drink This, Not That: Office Beverage Swaps From Sparkling Ice

When you’re stuck at your desk all day, it’s hard to stay hydrated and caffeinated without consuming tons of carbs and sugar. But you’re not alone! According to a survey from the National Coffee Association, about 83% of Americans drink coffee every day, with an average consumption at 3 cups of coffee per day. Plus, almost one-third of Americans drink at least one sugar-laden soda or other sweetened drink every day.


Try to kick these habits with some healthy workday swaps from zero-calorie Sparkling Ice below! Pick a flavor from the 20+ delicious varieties including the base line, a line of teas and a line of lemonades to enjoy throughout the work day.

Swap Soda for Sparkling Ice Waters

An excellent soda alternative, Sparkling Ice is slightly carbonated with B-Vitamins, Vitamin D and antioxidants. This light and refreshing beverage contains Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, is Gluten Free, and Sodium Free.


Swap Coffee for Sparkling Ice Teas

Get a boost of caffeine without all of the jitters! Sparkling Ice Teas offer the perfect mix of delicious fruit juice and refreshing iced tea, together in one rejuvenating, bubbly beverage. Keep a bottle at your desk for that mid-afternoon slump and sip on a bottle to boost your energy without all of the calories, sugar or carbs.


Swap Juice for Sparkling Ice Lemonades

Bring summertime right to your desk with refreshing Sparkling Ice Lemonades. The classic lemonade and strawberry lemonade flavors give you the extra boost you need to feel refreshed and motivated throughout the day, without the calories or sugar!

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