How One Therapist Found Health By Befriending Her Incurable Disease

How One Therapist Found Health By Befriending Her Incurable Disease

“I think she has lupus, an incurable disease, and by your account, she has an incredibly virulent attack. She has only a couple of days to live.” Those are the words a doctor told to Milly Diericx’s mother Christmas Day in 2001. Like 1.5 million Americans, Milly was faced with processing the grief of being diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease known for painfully damaging the body’s organs. Explaining how it feels to learn of the diagnosis, she says, “Emotionally, it’s like knowing a sword is going to fall on you at anytime.”

Alive and well fifteen years later, Diericx is sharing how she’s survived, and learned to thrive, in her newly released book, Befriending the Wolf: The Guide to Living and Thriving with Lupus [Morgan James publishing, September 2016]. As an energy therapist and hypnosis psychotherapist, she sits on both sides of the proverbial table as a therapist and patient. She practices the alternative techniques she advises others to use, treating the mind, body, and spiritual ailments of living with Lupus.


Positive, caring, and warm, Milly has immediate availability for interviews and feature/profile opportunities to discuss:

  • A paradigm shift: How challenging feelings about a Lupus diagnosis is essential in changing the way the ailment affects your life
  • Practical tips, alternative techniques, and resources sufferers of Lupus can access to assist in keeping themselves well
  • The role alternative therapies play in a patient’s overall health plan
  • How she used the methods she proposes in her private practice to heal herself
  • The emotions of being diagnosed with a potentially lethal autoimmune disease, and how to handle the fear and hopelessness associated with Lupus



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