Author Discovers Secret to a Happy Relationship: Dog Train Your Man

Author Discovers Secret to a Happy Relationship: Dog Train Your Man


Twenty-five years of marriage and the experiences of working with both male and female dog trainers provided the inspiration for L.A. Knight’s laugh-out-loud book, Dog Training the American Male; the story of a relationship counselor who can’t seem to make her own relationships work … until she discovers that the techniques used to train her boyfriend’s dog can also be used to train her boyfriend.

Says Knight, “Couples can relate to the fact that men and women may speak the same language but our brains are wired completely different. When a guy speaks to another guy there’s rarely a misunderstanding in the translation. When a man speaks to his woman it can be like walking blindly through a minefield – the wrong word or misplaced syllable has the potential to blow us up. Or it could be totally unrelated – what kind of day our woman had at work, or what so-and-so may have said on a phone conversation ten minutes earlier … and like a dumb animal, we walk right into the crossfire.

“The concept for Dog Training the American Male hit me after a bad argument with my wife. I couldn’t understand how my seemingly innocent statement could be so misunderstood. At the same time, I realized how similar men and dogs are. We’re both simple creatures who want food, sex, and to nap on the sofa.  In the heat of battle my wife yelled at my dog … and there was no miscommunication. How was this possible?

“That night (while sleeping in the guest room), I had an epiphany: If a dog could be trained and man and dog were similar-minded … then man could in fact be trained!  So I wrote Dog Training the American Male, which is a really funny story but it’s also a guide for women to train their men – which is the only way it can happen. See, a man cannot train a woman – it’s a violation of Chaos Theory. Training a woman is like herding cats. Have you ever tried herding cats? It’s chaos.”

The early reviews on Dog have been “Best in Show.” Kirkus Reviews states “Dog Training the American Male is funny in the best way: the humor propels the action rather than pausing it . . . prose flows like a jocular babbling brook. L.A. Knight is a naturally-gifted comic writer; what is more, she is a talented storyteller.”


“I purposely hid my gender and the lead character is a woman so women just assumed L.A. is a woman. But male readers recognize a warped sense of humor when they read it. They also realize who I really wrote the book for,” says Knight.

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Dog Training the American Male
A&M Publishers
September 2016
ISBN-10: 1943957002
ISBN-13: 978-1943957002

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