Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer Vegetable Spiral Slicer Review #BRIEFTONS #REVIEW



Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer

Vegetable Spiral Slicer, Best Veggie Pasta Spaghetti Maker for Low Carb/Paleo/Gluten-Free Meals



Things I Love & Learnt About the Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer

  1. The Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer is a must have item in your kitchen if you are on a Raw Food, Low Carb, Gluten Free, No Wheat, or Paleo Diet. I do not follow a particular diet, however, we use lots of vegetables when we cook and I make soups almost daily. This spiral slicer KIT is such a great addition to any kitchen!! Healthy meals will never look the same. :) It comes with all the features you can find in a tri-blade spiralizer, plus 2 additional blades (ultra thin 2mm angel-hair blade and curly-fry blade), for a total of 5 blades.
  2. It saves you a lot of time in the kitchen and it makes vegetables and salads fun and attractive for children…My kids love eating carrot spaghetti and salad spaghetti.
  3. You can create noodles and Julienne spirals from a variety of vegetables: Carrots, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Squash, Radish, Sweet And Regular Potatoes, and lots others…
  4. The 5 blades are very sharp and guaranteed not to rust or loose sharpness qualities in time. These blades are capable of cutting veggies in 5 sizes: 2, 3, 6, 10 and flat noodles.
  5. It is very easy to use and it is small and compact, easily stored in the kitchen cabinet. Cleaning is also a breeze because it is dishwasher safe and the blades are removable for ease of cleaning and changing.
  6. The Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer bundle contains: 5 interchangeable blades, printed color manual with detailed assembly and usage instruction, and exclusive Brieftons Recipe Ebooks that will be delivered by email so you can get the best out of this spiralizer…
  7. The Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer also comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee and First Class Customer Service. :) I highly recommend it!

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review.


Check it out 🙂

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