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ZAEL pH Test Strips, 120ct

Premium Value with Free Alkaline Food Chart (6×8), Professional Lab Grade Test Strips, Wide Range pH Test for Water, Urine, Saliva, Aquarium and Soap.Bulk Discount Available



Things I Love & Learnt About the ZAEL pH Test Strips, 120ct

  1. The ZAEL pH Test Strips, 120ct are probably the easiest way to test your own pH. These pH test strips make it easy to monitor pH levels from home and get fast, accurate results – 15 seconds, to be exact. Using either saliva, urine, water, soap, and common solutions and liquids, you can test the pH to determine if your body or certain products are too acidic or too alkaline. Monitoring the body’s acidity is very important, especially for people with diabetes, joint pain, arthritis & osteoporosis.
  2. Each box has 120 pH test strips that can be used with a variety of liquids. They come in a nice plastic box so you can throw them in your purse or to easily store them. 
  3. The test strips can accurately be used to also test drinking water, pool water, hot tubs, hydroponic systems, aquariums, food, and even coffee. 
  4. They are made from high-quality imported filter paper and reagent, so strips won’t bleed like litmus paper.
  5. Just wait 15 seconds, then you can read the results by comparing the color of both pads against the chart on the box.
  6. Each pack comes with an Alkaline food chart, 100% Money Back Guarantee, and First Class Customer Service. Give the pH testing strips a try! I highly recommend them.

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