PIXNOR Long Handle Body and Back Brush

PIXNOR Long Handle Body and Back Brush Bath Shower Brush Exfoliating Body Brush (Blue)

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  • The PIXNOR Long Handle Body and Back Brush is such a great product because of its versatility of uses.  I love having the ability to reach those spots in the middle of my back and shoulders.  When I bathe and scrub and massage myself with this brush it is very relaxing.  It is not only good for hard to reach areas, yet for any areas of your body.  Especially my feet, where it helps to loosen and remove most of the dead skin cells from the bottom of my feet, as well as my knees and elbows.
  • I was so impressed with its functions, like the not so course bristles that I am including some product information I researched :
  • Color is Mainly blue.
  • Material: Poly Styrene Artificail Fiber.
  • Size: 36* 7.5* 3CM.
  • Medium stiffness bristles give erasing stimulating and leave skin soft, smooth and glowing, while the massage part relaxes you.
  • The handle has a convenient cord suspension.
  • The back of the brush has a nice manager built into it too. This is really nice when working through a sore muscle. The brush is light and the handle is designed well enough to be held facing either way comfortable.  I would still highly recommend this to friends and family.

I was fortunate enough to receive this at a discount in exchange for my honest review.  And I highly recommend this to friends and family and anyone in need of relaxing itch and skin relief .


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