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Urbal Dermaroot Herbal Eczema Supplement

#1 Doctor Recommended ECZEMA Pill Treatment – Dermaroot 100% Natural Homeopathic Eczema Herbal Formula Provides Long Term Relief – Safe for All Ages – 120 Capsules




Things I Love & Learnt About the Urbal Dermaroot Herbal Eczema Supplement

The Urbal Dermaroot Herbal Eczema Supplement has been specially created and put together to target eczema, skin irritations, and rashes. This is a homeopathic treatment which stimulates the body’s own healing response to get rid of many skin problems.  I had wonderful results with this supplement. I had an eczema on  my leg that has been coming and going for years now…it has never healed completely despite all kind of prescription creams. A week of Urbal Dermaroot therapy and the entire area has healed beautifully. I am very impressed and I highly recommend it!

The Urbal Dermaroot is made with 18 medicinal herbs such as: Peony root without bark, Cherry bark, Platycodon root (radix platycodi), Ginger fresh rhizome, Phellodendron stem bark, Bupleurum root, Coptis rhizome, Schizonepeta above ground parts, Licorice root & rhizome, Skullcap root, Poria sclerotium, Gardenia fruit, Angelica root, Rehmannia root tuber, Sichuan lovage rhizome, Siler root, and Pubescent angelica root.

The Urbal Dermaroot Herbal Eczema Supplement is made in the USA, it is 100% natural and it also comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee and First Class Customer Service! Give it a try 🙂

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review 🙂


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