This Story of our Life is Dedicated to a very Special and Unique Woman who is the LOVE of my LIFE , my WIFE…

Mihaela MiMi Mosa Bey.

When we met I recall her being very distrought and saddened, I approched her and said,  Beautiful Im not sure what’s  wrong , yet I WANNA KNOW

she smiled a smile that brightened my day and I immediately sensed what she needed and stated ” you need SOMEONE TO LOVE YOU

her response was very welcoming and we seemed to connect Souls.  So we decided to move SLOW AND STEADY

As the LOVE and CARE increased I realized I had been looking for her ALL MY LIFE

the EnerGy We shared litterally KNOCKED ME OFF MY FEET

As I Looked Up into her Auratic Ambiance , I expressed that “I’LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU”

Being relieved that we share this electric attraction , she coyly asked , WHEN ?  I replied, TONIGHT

There was a beautiful Silence . This Silence allowed EyE2EyE vibrational TONES. I whispered ” I hear YOUR BODY CALLIN

This led to an UnImaginable exchange of EnerGy BETWEEN THE SHEETS

This climaxed to a realization that everything will be centered by “YOU AND I ”

This confirmation inspired the feeling best expressed as HAPPY

ALL of our endeavors and Goals became strongly FOR YOU

And DeCreeD that you would be FOREVER MY LADY

Our lives became forever entangled in the universal Dance referred to as LOVE

EyE Eternally Internally LOVE and HONOR You WIFEE

Be extremely BLISSful on this and ALL your BEARTHday CyCleS   …   One LOVE mEyE LOVE….

for ALL the appreciated Guest of this Post , please ENJOY the rest this Dedicated TriBuTe …….

Namaste ALL       ……. AUMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm…….


Mosa This is because YOU ARE MY LADY




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