Vellostar Liquid Chalk Markers, 8-Pack

Vellostar Chalk Markers, 8-Pack of Bright Vibrant Colors, 6mm Reversible Nib with Bullet and Chisel Tips, Liquid Chalk Markers for Glass and Non-Porous Surfaces, Child Safe and Non-Toxic

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    • I love and appreciate the fact that they can be used on various types of surfaces like metal, ceramics, glass, whiteboards, chalkboards, LED boards and etc, comes with easy to follow instructions regarding how your use it and how to fill up the the marker with ink on your first use. Plus a Love them or your money back guarantee.  And tha makes them remarkable OverAll.
    •  Here are some of the great features  and product information that will help you to love them like I do.

    Neon chalk markers are much more vibrant than regular chalk and create unique, eye-catching designs

  • They are child safe eco-friendly chalk markers that are water-based, non-toxic, acid-free, and low odor
  • These liquid chalk pens have unique 6mm reversible tips (chisel/bullet) for both fine and bold work
  • They come in 8 vibrant colors; High-quality water-based ink , which will not bleed; Cleans up with a damp cloth
  • As stated earlier these wet chalk markers work on glass, metal, ceramics, LED boards, whiteboards and any hard non-porous surface
  • Everybody has a little bit of the artist in their soul dying to come out. We may notall be Picassos but we all love color and self-expression. So Set your colors free and Enjoy the 8-Colors; white, pink, red, orange, purple, green, blue, yellow which can be used for fun or business.

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