Highly Visible Luggage Tags by Bellerina Review #bellerinaluggagetags #review


Highly Visible Luggage Tags by Bellerina

Luggage Tag Set. 2-Pc. Highly Visible For Baggage. For Mr Mrs & Kids. PU Leather.



Things I Love & Learnt About the Highly Visible Luggage Tags by Bellerina

I travel often internationally and finding your luggage at the carousel is a nightmare. I used luggage tags and colorful ribbons tied to the luggage before…sometimes they worked great, at times they failed me. I think I found the perfect solution, though…The Highly Visible Luggage Tags by Bellerina are not your regular luggage tags at all…With these brightly colored luggage tags, finding your luggage will actually be fun…I have used them a few times and I didn’t run into any issues with them and they stayed hooked to the luggage throughout the trip. You will receive 2 tags: a bright orange one and a lime one. They are made from high quality PU leather and they look very well made and sturdy. They have a 2-sided info card for name & address that stays covered all the time, and they also come with Money Back Guarantee and First Class Customer Service! :) I highly recommend them!!!

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