Hugs Babycare Superior Quality Baby Car Mirror

Hugs Babycare Superior Quality Baby Car Mirror – Special Launch Offer – Perfect View Back Seat Mirror – Adjustable – Non-Slip – Shatterproof – Crystal Clear – Safer than Self-Assembly

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Tired of stopping the car every time your baby cries or goes really quiet?

Want to keep an eye on your little one from the comfort of your seat without turning around?

The Hugs Babycare Baby Back Seat Mirror can put an end to all of your concerns!

This superior quality baby car mirror lets you safely check on your baby while you drive. Easily installed on a back seat in seconds, it is fully adjustable for the perfect view. Shatterproof and made of baby-safe materials that are toxin-free and cadmium-free, the baby back seat mirror will outlast and outperform ordinary infant car mirrors! The Hugs Babycare Baby Car Mirror provides double-strap, lock-tight security which ensures that the baby mirror will stay safely fixed in the chosen position. Non-slip technology means that the mirror won’t shift while you drive, so the viewing angle won’t change, even on bumpy roads. Our mirror stays in place and won’t fall off the back plate, unlike baby mirrors that you have to clip together yourself.Our baby back seat mirror is the best car baby mirror available. The extra large wide-angle mirror offers full view of your baby, whether you are the driver or front passenger. What’s more, you get a crystal-clear, anti-glare reflection. And the added bonus? The reflection entertains and stimulates your baby! so

Put an end to your travel worries with the Hugs Babycare Baby Car Mirror

SHATTERPROOF REAR SEAT BABY MIRROR – Our robust, lightweight baby car mirror has been DESIGNED FOR SAFETY and extensively tested to ensure that it’s shatterproof and 100% baby safe. The mirror is toxin-free, cadmium-free, and hygienic with smooth wipe-clean surfaces.

  • CLEAR REFLECTION, ANTI-GLARE – Our baby backseat mirror provides the clearest anti-glare reflection, so you can see those smiles – without being dazzled or dazzling your baby. And the added bonus? The colourful reflection ENTERTAINS AND STIMULATES your baby on those long car journeys. That’s not the only bonus: the smart frame and sleek design of our Baby Car Mirror will complement the interior of any car.
  • NEW PRODUCT, SUPERIOR DESIGN – Avoid the frustration of Slipping Mirror Syndrome with this top quality back seat mirror. Our Baby Car Mirror, launched after extensive testing, has been carefully ENGINEERED TO AVOID THE PROBLEMS parents have with other models of baby mirror. No more stopping the car to adjust the mirror or to clip it back into place! Best baby car mirror available. GREAT BABY SHOWER GIFT! An essential accessory for parents and grandparents who have a child in a rear facing infant or toddler car seat.
  • EXTRA LARGE CONVEX BABY CAR MIRROR – The Hugs Babycare baby mirror is bigger than competing products, and specially shaped to provide a FULL VIEW OF YOUR BABY WITHOUT BLOCKING THE REAR WINDOW. In fact, this mirror is so perfectly designed that it allows a front passenger (with a rearview mirror) and the driver to see the baby at the same time. The baby mirror attaches to an adjustable rear headrest. The baby mirror can be positioned horizontally or vertically and simply adjusted for the perfect viewing angle. You’ll need just a few seconds to install it!
  • FULLY FACTORY ASSEMBLED FOR SAFETY AND RELIABILITY – Unlike many back seat mirrors, this baby mirror comes fully factory assembled. Not only is this more convenient, it’s also MUCH SAFER! The mirror won’t fall off the back plate or shift as you drive, so your baby’s safety will never be at risk. Plus, you won’t have to keep stopping to re-adjust it! To make your decision really easy, we’re offering our PREMIUM QUALITY baby car mirror at a HEAVILY DISCOUNTED PRICE. Backed by Their **NO-QUIBBLE GUARANTEE**, this is a totally risk-free buy

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