Pervinco Premium Mens Tie Clip Review #pervincotieclip #review


Pervinco Premium Mens Tie Clip

Pervinco Premium Mens Tie Clip / Tie Bar with Classic Look Designed for Regular Neckties with Velvet Bag



Things I Love & Learnt About the Pervinco Premium Mens Tie Clip

The Pervinco Premium Mens Tie Clip is not your regular tie clip at all… This is a 2 3/8″ Tie Clip/Tie Bar that is sleek looking and well made. It has a brushed silver tone finish that gives it a classic look and versatility. It will look great at office, weddings, parties and other special events and you can dress it down or up. The specially designed backing keeps the tie clip sitting straight and in place not matter what you’re getting yourself into. It also comes with a beautiful velvet bag, Money Back Guarantee and First Class Customer Service! :) I highly recommend it!!! Great quality at a great price!

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