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Car Windshield Sunshade By AlphaShades

AlphaShades Car Windshield Sunshade – Made from High Quality Nylon Polyester Material. Protects you, your family and your car’s interiors from the Sun’s heat and its ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Lifetime Guarantee Provided




Things I Love & Learnt About the Car Windshield Sunshade By AlphaShades

  1. The Car Windshield Sunshade By AlphaShades actually works!! It keeps your car cooler, even if it sits in the sun for hours…the car does not feel like a hot oven anymore!
  2. The shade covers the entire windshield nicely…I am so glad not to see the dashboard baking in the sun and no more hot steering wheels!!
  3. It is really really easy to use: it pops open and installs in a matter of seconds!!! It pops open to 150x80cm or 59.05×31.49 inches.
  4. It folds-down to a small size and it comes with a really cute storage bag… i stick mine under the seat when not in use :)
  5. It is made of a nice reflective material, one side is black the other silver
  6. In case it gets dirty, you can easily wipe it clean…
  7. The shade blocks up to 99% of those bad damaging UV rays! :)
  8. Your car’s interior will look good years longer by preventing fading and cracking.
  9. The Car Windshield Sunshade By AlphaShades comes with a 1-year 100% money-back guarantee and First Class Customer Service. 🙂

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review 🙂


Check it out 🙂

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