True Medical Detective Stories by Clifton K. Meador M.D. Review #CliftonMeador #Review


True Medical Detective Stories by Clifton K. Meador M.D.

Clifton Meador is a retired physician and professor of medicine emeritus at Vanderbilt Medical School. He is author of 13 books. His “Med School” is a year by year humorous and serious account of medical school in the 1950s. “True Medical Detective Stories” tells in detective fashion the story of 19 unusual cases.



Things I Love & Learnt About the True Medical Detective Stories by Clifton K. Meador M.D.

I love mysteries in general. Add a mysterious twist to a medical story and I will not put a book down. This is exactly what Dr. Meador has done in this book! This is a collection of 19 stories of patients with mysterious illnesses…I am a RN and I had the most fun trying to figure out the mystery diagnosis, but you do not need to be in the medical field to enjoy this collection! Dr. Meador has been practicing and teaching medicine for more than 50 years and his writing is not only accurate as far as medical facts go, it is also beautiful, inspiring, and touching. Throughout the book you will find wisdom, courage, compassion and a powerful love for life. I enjoyed every story to the point that I cannot even pick a favorite…all of them have a certain uniqueness and beauty about them…each story is as memorable as the last one. One common theme you will find though in each story is the connection between mind and body…one cannot exist without the other, where the mind goes the body follows, of course. This is the book that introduced me to the beautiful writings of Dr. Meador…it certainly left me eager to read more!!! I highly encourage you to give it a try…

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