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Zaca Recovery Chewable Tablets – Mixed Berry

Zaca Recovery Chewable (Mixed Berry, 4 Packs – 16 Tablets)



Things I Love & Learnt About the Zaca Recovery Chewable Tablets – Mixed Berry

  1. This is a powerful supplement specially designed to prevent and fight hangovers…I am one of those people that even drinking one beer leaves me with a headache and a hangover the next day. I was glad to test the Zaca Recovery Chewable Tablets – Mixed Berry capsules because I was looking for something to let me enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day without having to worry about getting a hangover the next day. The first time, I took 2 tablets and drank one beer, then took 2 more after I finished, and the next day, to my surprise I woke up feeling great…The second time I got braver and I added a second beer, yet the next morning, again, no hangover. I am completely sold on this supplement!
  2. Zaca Recovery Chewable Tablets – Mixed Berry is a blend of electrolyte boosters, powerful antioxidants, plus natural detoxifying agents to counteract the effects of dehydration and the build up of acetaldehyde after a night of alcohol drinking. It contains JAPANESE RAISIN for its known superior liver detox properties, L-ALANYL-L-GLUTAMINE (Sustamine®) to enhance electrolytes and water absorption, PRICKLY PEAR for its high content in antioxidants and flavonoids, and L-GLUTATHIONE (Setria®) for antioxidant protection, detoxification & immune system fortification.
  3. The tablets come conveniently packed in 4 to-go packets containing 4 tablets each, so you get 16 tablets. Each little pack is actually the recommended serving size. You take 2 tablets before start drinking, and 2 after you are done.
  4. The tablets have a really good taste, actually, and they are berry flavored.
  5. They are also Non-Gmo, Sugar Free (using Xylitol & Stevia), Gluten Free, and they are not made with any Artificial Flavors or Preservatives.
  6. Zaca Recovery Chewable Tablets are also great as a recovery from exercise, work, and travel. :) Give them a try!

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