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Cellulite Cream by Andre Lorent

Andre Lorent Cellulite Cream – Breakthrough Cellulite Treatment Visibly Reduces Dimples & Uneven Bumps. Contains Proven Anti Cellulite Ingredients: Retinol, Caffeine, Shea Butter & Sunflower Seed Oil


Things I Love & Learnt About the Cellulite Cream by Andre Lorent

  1. The Cellulite Cream by Andre Lorent is a powerful blend of four powerful ingredients created to tighten and tone your skin and get rid of cellulite. I have been using the cream for a few weeks now on my legs and I am very pleased with the results…The skin on my legs has a natural glow to it, it looks hydrated and it looks firmer and smoother 🙂 I love it!!
  2. It contains Caffeine and Retinol. These two ingredients deeply nourishes the skin to decrease the appearance of cellulite and dimples. Caffeine tones and tightens your skin, while Retinol repairs and restores its supple appearance.
  3. This cream also contains Sunflower Seed Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and acts as a moisturizer and Shea Butter. Packed with Vitamin A, the shea butter has healing and collagen boosting properties and it is also a deep moisturizer.
  4. The cream is leightweight, smooth and it absorbs very fast in your skin. A little goes a long way and it absorbs quickly leaving no greasy residue.
  5. The Cellulite Cream by Andre Lorent has a refreshing scent that I love, and it comes in an elegant looking 4 oz. jar.
  6. It is made in the USA and it is free from harsh chemicals such as Parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) & petrochemical derivatives and it comes with First Class Customer Service :) I highly recommend it!

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review.


Check it out 🙂

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