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Tablet Holder – Universal Stand That Fits Any Tablet Brand by Futur-e-Stick

In Hand – On Desk – Kitchen Counter – In Bed – Car or on Treadmill – USB Charger in Handle


Things I Love & Learnt About the Tablet Holder – Universal Stand That Fits Any Tablet by Futur-e-Stick

The Tablet Holder by Futur-e-Stick is an ingenious and cool tablet accessory that will transform the way you interact with your tablet. I fell in love with this accessory, and by now I cannot imagine not having one. The Tablet Holder by Futur-e-Stick allows you to comfortably and naturally grip and expand the use of your device and it can also be use as a stand – it allows you to prop your tablet in landscape or portrait view to watch movies, videos, get work done or take a group picture. The Tablet Holder by Futur-e-Stick also swivels so you can always find your perfect viewing angle. What is amazing about this little thing is that it is strong enough and it sticks very good to the tablet! :) Another cool feature of the Futur-e-Stick  is the removable USB charger that you can find inside the handle. It charges several types of phones and tablets and it is small and compact. I am impressed with this ingenious product! Give it a try!

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review.


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