TERRO Liquid Ant Baits Review and Giveaway #Terro #Giveaway #Review


TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits

No drips, spills or mess; for indoor and outdoor use.

TERRO generously offered one of our readers the chance to WIN a combo pack of the TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits and Ant Bait Stakes:) Scroll down the page to learn more about these cool products, and to also try your luck and WIN some for yourself!!


Things I Love & Learnt About the TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits and Ant Bait Stakes

Just as the weather warms up, ant beds and colonies start popping up every day it seems at my house – inside and outside. I have heard of the TERRO Ant Baits, but I have never actually tried them until a few days ago. I am so impressed by how well these ant baits actually work. The TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits are 6 convenient, ready-to-use bait stations filled with liquid ant killer. You don’t need to touch or mix anything, and there are no drips, spills or messes involved. The baits are designed to kill the worker ants in two to three days, giving them enough time to take the bait in the colony. This liquid doesn’t kill on contact, but the way you can tell that it is working is by watching how by the second day, more and more ants come and eat the poison…By the third day, the line of ants is a whole lot thinner, and by fourth day the entire colony is dead.

 The TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Bait Stakes are 8 0.25 oz. weatherproof ant bait stakes that are filled with the same amazing ant killer liquid as the TERRO bait stations. Stick them around the outside of the house, and you can have year around ant control. The stakes have a built in see through window so you can see when the bait needs replacing and are very easy and safe to use. 

By using these two products in the same time, I have not seen any ants in days. I am very impressed by the effectiveness of the TERRO system and I highly recommend their products. 🙂

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review.


Check them out 🙂


And now the GIVEAWAY…

To WIN a combo pack of the TERRO Ant Killer Liquid Ant Baits and Ant Bait Stakes all you have to do is FILL the form below and come back every day to get extra entries to increase your odds…

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