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Seed Money: The Entrepreneur by Cyndie Shaffstall

Just when you think you’ve got it figured out…It only gets worse

Things I Love & Learnt About Seed Money: The Entrepreneur by Cyndie Shaffstall

Seed Money: The Entrepreneur by Cyndie Shaffstall is a futuristic science fiction novel that will shock and captivate you. The author has created a world that I found quite interesting and realistic, and the characters are more complex than they look at first sight. 🙂 The plot is just as complex, with twists and turns that slowly take you right in the middle of a conspiracy, and the author’s narrative style is so beautiful and in detail that I read the entire book in one afternoon.

The book is full of adult content and quite graphic sex scenes, also. If you think you might be bothered by it, this is not the book you want to read. I personally think that the book would have not been the same without it. 🙂

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About the Author

2Cyndie Shaffstall, a quintessential entrepreneur in the software industry, wrote her first book in 1992, QuarkXPress: Making the Most of Your Negative Experiences, followed quickly by a dozen after-market computer manuals. In the years since, she has further contributed to the design and business industries as the editor and publisher of X-Ray Magazine and more recently, revealing some of her successful business practices in Small-business Guide to Winning at Web Marketing. Cyndie Shaffstall is a prolific writer of eBooks, case studies, press releases, blog articles, and other online content for her company, Spider Trainers–a provider of automated marketing–and as a contributing blogger to Target Marketing Magazine, among other print and electronic publications. Cyndie Shaffstall is the inventor and patent holder of Sassy Strappings, a fashion accessory. She lives in Denver with her two dogs, Felix Trinidad and Oscar de la Hoya–boxers.

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