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Dot&Dot 15″ Packing Folders/Sleeves

Travel Packing Organizers for Garment, Jewelry, Business, Traveling, Supplies


Things I Love & Learnt About the Dot&Dot 15″ Packing Folders/Sleeves

  1. The Dot&Dot 15″ Packing Folders/Sleeves are trendy and sleek looking and they are quite versatile. They are well made and the fabric is high quality…They are very good at keeping wrinkles at minimum and organizing clothes, documents and other essentials…
  2. These sleeves are compact, portable, lightweight, and they look so good that you can carry them around on their own.
  3. They have 4 wings that wrap and secure your belongings very well…:) In addition, one of the flaps is made of mesh, allowing for easy identification of the contents :)
  4. The Dot&Dot 15″ Packing Folders/Sleeves maximize your luggage space because their 4 wings design provides a lot of compression if needed.
  5. They come with a strap at the top for easy handling.
  6. Each sleeve includes a folding board to make folding a breeze.
  7. The Dot&Dot 15″ Packing Folders/Sleeves come in several adorable colors and in 2 sizes: Small – 15″ x 10″ and Medium – 18″ x 12.” Both sizes are available in single pack or 2-piece value set… 🙂

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review 🙂


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