Cool Gel N Cap Warm/Cold Compress Tulip The Bunny Review #firstaid #review


Cool Gel N Cap – Kids Ice Packs and Heat Packs With Children’s First Aid Cap – Tulip The Bunny

Cold Therapy and Warm Therapy For Kids


Things I Love & Learnt About the Cool Gel N Cap Warm/Cold Compress Tulip The Bunny

  1. The Cool Gel N Cap is one of the most ingenious products I have ever tried…You can naturally soothe your kids bumps, bruises, fever symptoms, migraines, headaches, ear infection symptoms, and more in a fun, easy, and effective way with the Cool Gel N Cap Cold/Heat Therapy. You get two gel packs that you can either freeze or heat, you place them inside the cute cap where they stay put, and Voila…you have a hands free compress…The kids love it!! I will never get my 1 year old to hold a compress on her head, but she cries to wear Tulip, the Bunny!!
  2. It comes in two designs: Toby the Puppy and Tulip the Bunny and one size fits all…it should fit most children older than 1…
  3. The 2 kids ice packs are reusable, non-toxic, latex free, and freezer and microwave safe
  4. The cap is machine washable so it is really easy to clean :) 
  5. The gel packs are child safe and can be warmed in the microwave or frozen in the freezer.
  6. The Cool Gel N Cap comes with 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guaranteed and First Class Customer Service :)

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review 🙂


Check it out 🙂

You can buy one from Amazon or directly from Cool Gel N Cap Website

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