Multi-Function LED Headlamp For Handsfree Lighting by Aennon Review #headlamp #review



Multi-Function LED Headlamp For Handsfree Lighting by Aennon

Smart Design, Easy To Use, Handy For Indoor & Outdoor. Great for Camping, Running, Hiking, Kids, Reading, Emergency Use – Super Bright, Lightweight & Comfortable


Things I Love & Learnt About the Multi-Function LED Headlamp by Aennon

  1. The Multi-Function LED Headlamp For Handsfree Lighting by Aennon is a sleek looking and really cool gadget! The headlamp is great for Camping, Running, Hiking, Reading, Emergency Use, and anything that requires your hands to be free…It is leightweight, comfortable, and the body tilts up to 90-degrees so you can focus the light where is needed…It is powerful also, the lamp is capable of 30 lumen shine power for up to 164 feet of visibility!!!
  2. It has 4 light modes so you get the right amount of light needed: 2 LED (Power Save) – 10 Lumens shine up to 65 feet; 4 LED (Bright) – 20 Lumens shine up to 98 feet; 8 LED (Ultra Bright) – 30 Lumens shine up to 164 feet; STEADY Red LED (No annoying flashing red light).
  3. The Multi-Function LED Headlamp by Aennon is designed with shock-resistant glass lens and it has an easy-to-use single button control…
  4. It comes with an easily adjustable elastic headband to fit any head size, it will even fit around your hat, helmet, bike or belt. The headband is really comfortable…it won’t squeeze your brain, but it won’t budge and move around either.
  5. You will save money because there is no need to change bulbs and you also save money on batteries. This headlamp gives you up to 16 hours of battery life when you are using the Power Save mode!!! The LED lifetime is around 20,000 hours.
  6. You get 3xAAA batteries included in the package 🙂
  7. The Multi-Function LED Headlamp by Aennon comes with Lifetime 100% Money Back Guarantee and First Class Customer Service :)

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review 🙂


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