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Little Trouble in Tall Tree by Michael Fertik

Things I Love & Learnt About the Little Trouble in Tall Tree by Michael Fertik

Little Trouble in Tall Tree by Michael Fertik is a beautifully written fun short story with beautiful illustrations for adults. Michael Fertick created a baby hoodlum world with characters that will have you rolling on the floor laughing:  Squeezy the Cheeks – the leader of the North Wood crew, Harry the Rash – the leader of the Poopypants Gang, Mama’s Boy, etc…

The plot is really good with surprising twists and the humor is great…I would love to read a few sequels to this book…


*eBook was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review 🙂


Check it out 🙂


About the Author

2Michael Fertik founded with the belief that people and businesses have the right to control and protect their online reputation and privacy. Credited with pioneering the field of online reputation management (ORM), Fertik is lauded as the world’s leading cyberthinker in digital privacy and reputation.

He is a member of the World Economic Forum Agenda Council on the Future of the Internet and recipient of the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2011 Award. He was named TechAmerica’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. Fertik is an inventor on multiple US patents. He is a regular industry commentator with guest columns in Harvard Business Review, Reuters, Newsweek, and Inc. He is also co-author of the bestselling book, “Wild West 2.0.” Fertik founded his first Internet company while at Harvard College. He received his JD from Harvard Law School.

Michael also writes fiction, which can be found on Amazon.

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