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Hometown by Matthew Keville

Things I Love & Learnt About Hometown by Matthew Keville

People are disappearing into the mist, some are found torn apart, some are found dead for no apparent reason, and some people cannot be found at all. Slowly, the people of Belford start changing, acting bizarre and violent, however, in the end only a few teenagers are left to make their stand. :)

Hometown by Matthew Keville took me by surprise…I love horror books, but this means that I am also very picky about any horror book I decide to read… Hometown was a really good read…The story is creepy and intriguing, the plot has all the right twists, and the characters are interesting and easy to like…

*eBook was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review 🙂


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About the Author

2Matthew Keville wrote his first short stories in first grade, when the books on the shelves didn’t have the stories he wanted. The stories have been his constant friends since then, and they’ve carried him through some hard times. He grew up in a small town where you either leave at eighteen or live there forever. He elected to leave at eighteen. Now he lives in New York City where everyone is only working as a waiter or bus driver or stockbroker until they make it on Broadway. This makes him different and special, because he’s only working as a paralegal until he makes it as a writer.

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