The Hippo Who Did Gymnastics by Michael Rank eBook Review #Hippogymnastics #Review



The Hippo Who Did Gymnastics by Michael Rank

This inspiring story of outsiders trying to fit in reminds gymnasts and non-gymnasts alike that sometimes all it takes is believing in yourself.

Things I Love & Learnt About the The Hippo Who Did Gymnastics by Michael Rank

Who would think that a hippo would join a gymnastic class?!? Well, this is exactly what happens in this adorable children book by Michael Rank. The balance beam, the uneven bars, and the floor exercises seem too much for Humphrey, the too heavy and too big hippo! But Humphrey has hidden talents that nobody expects… :)

The Hippo Who Did Gymnastics is such an adorable book! The story is fun, the illustrations are bright and colorful, and Humphrey is just too cute. The story will teach the children about not judging others for what they look like on the outside. The language is simple and easy to understand…Definitely, a great addition to their library.

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Check it out 🙂

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