GO-410 Finger Pulse Oximeter Review #FingerPulseOximeter #Review


Gurin GO-410 Finger Pulse Oximeter


Things I Love & Learnt About the Gurin GO-410 Finger Pulse Oximeter

  1. I am a Registered Nurse and the first thing I wanted to do once I received the Gurin GO-410 Finger Pulse Oximeter was to compare its accuracy against the one I use at work all the time. Well, the readings from this pulse oximeter matched without flaw the readings from my work pulse ox…I am satisfied with its accuracy and I can easily recommend it to my friends and family!!
  2. The Gurin GO-410 Finger Pulse Oximeter is able to quickly measure your pulse rate and your blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels, and is is FDA Approved to do so 🙂
  3. It has a bright color LED display that shows real time Pulse Rate and strength of pulse, SpO2 level and Battery level.
  4. It is very light, small, compact, portable and very easy to use, however, it accommodates a wide range of finger sizes.
  5. It has a built-in alarm that can be set to High and Low, and it comes with an automatic power off feature, also. The Gurin GO-410 Finger Pulse Oximeter will last easily through thousands of readings.
  6. It ships with 2 AAA batteries and a user manual. In addition, it also comes with a nice black case and a Neck/Wrist Cord 🙂
  7. It comes with 1-year Warranty and First Class Customer Service!!! 🙂


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