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iPhone 6 Sport Armband by Red Star Tec

The Best Fitting Unisex Adjustable Arm Band and holder of the Apple Iphone 6 And Samsung Galaxy S5…


Things I Love & Learnt About the iPhone 6 Sport Armband by Red Star Tec

  1. This armband made by Red Star Tec is absolutely amazing. It eliminate the hassle of carrying your phone in your hands or keeping it in your pocket and allows you to be as active as you wanna be, all hands free!!! It is PERFECT for running, jogging, dancing, yoga, gym, fitness, bicycling or even household chores…and it is Black!! It is very cute :)
  2. The armband is made of very high-quality, sweat-resistant neoprene.  After wearing it for a minute or so you will forget about its existence :) It is also hand-washable and the fabric cleans really well!!
  3. The front cover looks fantastic and stylish and it protects your device from rain, sweat, etc…
  4. The iPhone 6 Sport Armband by Red Star Tec is stitched instead of being glued together so it will last longer :)
  5. This armband is lightweight and accommodates arm sizes up to 14 inches…
  6. You can access all your device’s buttons and features through the cover, and the touchscreen works through the cover as well :)
  7. The elastic Velcro strap stays tight and secure no matter how rough you get on that running track!!
  8. It has a hidden pocket that can be used as a Key holder
  9. The armband fits the iPhone 6 (4.7″) and the Samsung Galaxy S5.
  10. The iPhone 6 Sport Armband by Red Star Tec comes with 30-day Money Back Guarantee and First Class Customer Service.

*Product was provided for free in exchange for unbiased and honest review 🙂


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