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Barnaby Smith by Daniel Martin Eckhart

Things I Love & Learnt About Barnaby Smith by Daniel Martin Eckhart

Barnaby Smith is a book that will have you going through a powerful story of love and friendship, trust and belief, freedom, and life and death… Barnaby Smith has decided that he will challenge the impossible and fly…As a matter of fact, he has jumped off a roof  nine times already and he has broken every bone in his body in the process… For the past 23 years he has been kept at St. Joseph’s Hospital, heavily medicated for his own safety. Psychiatrist Dr. Martha Lewis decides to take on a position at St. Joseph’s Hospital six months after her son committed suicide by jumping off a roof. Coincidence or not, Barnaby Smith becomes her patient and soon Martha finds herself obsessed trying to bring this man back to life…

This is Martha and Barnaby’s story…Their story is intriguing, charming and quite complex…The author has the gift of storytelling…nothing is forgotten, no character is too small…you will laugh, cry, hurt and hope :) I enjoyed it tremendously!!

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About the Author

2It’s been a heck of a journey so far and I’ll write my biography one fine day – for now – here’s the snappy version.I’ve done a ton of things on the journey to the here and now. A commercial apprenticeship, a stint in the army, saveguarding the life of the Pope in the Vatican, then joining the United Nations in New York, then Jerusalem, Beirut, Tehran and Baghdad. I had my share of close calls with bullets, bombs and kidnappings.In 1990 I quit the UN to go to acting school in New York – great school (the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre). Alas, while there, I discovered screenwriting and, compared to writing, acting didn’t stand a chance. Graduated from the Playhouse in 1992 and haven’t stopped writing since.If you’d like to know more, just get in touch. Enjoy your moments!

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