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Crystal Wash™ 1000 loads of clean laundry without using Detergents, Chemicals or Perfume… Now launching into the 21st Century.

Crystal Wash generously offered one of our readers the chance to WIN a pack of 2 Crystal Wash Balls (ARV: $49.99). :) Scroll down the page to learn more about these cool tattoos, and to also try your luck and WIN some for yourself!!


Things I Love & Learnt About Crystal Wash™

  1. Crystal Wash is a new proven technology that will wash 1000 loads of laundry using the power of Bio Ceramics from the earth. This product is amazing and ingenious!!! It naturally cleans your clothes as good as the most expensive laundry detergent and it is better for your skin, the environment and more gentle on your fabrics. The Bio Ceramics were made using various minerals with antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties so you not only clean your clothes, you also disinfect them…
  2. In the package you will receive 2 Crystal Wash balls. Once you add these 2 balls to your laundry machine during a cycle, it changes the chemistry and raises the pH balance of the water. The higher Alkaline water created by Crystal Wash enables dirt and soils to break free from fabric naturally. 
  3. This process also creates natural Hydrogen Peroxide which disinfects your clothes…killing bacteria and odors.
  4. The pH level of laundry water affects your laundry results greatly. If the water is overly acidic or alkaline it can damage delicate clothes and fabrics, it can cause colors to fade and cause clothing to still seem dirty even after washing. Most detergents on the market are a pH level of 6.5 – 9, but they use chemicals to achieve these levels. The Crystal Balls balances the pH of the water naturally, without any chemicals.
  5. Every 30 laundry loads you need to recharge the Crystal Wash Balls. You simply put them in the sun for one afternoon and they will be just as effective as their first wash…


Check them out…Click the picture below to order the amazing Crystal Wash 🙂




And now the GIVEAWAY…

To WIN a pack of 2 Crystal Wash Balls (ARV: $49.99) all you have to do is FILL the form below and come back every day to get extra entries to increase your odds…

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  1. I have really bad allergies, so I have to use All Free&Clear, because it doesn’t have perfumes or dyes that trigger my allergies. These seem like they might be an even better option for me!

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