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Constipend by RelaxSlim

Natural Colon Cleanse Without Cramping or Side Effects For Fast Relief and a Flatter Tummy


Things I Love & Learnt About the Constipend by RelaxSlim

  1. The Constipend by RelaxSlim has been designed to aid in natural elimination of waste and toxins from your body… This formula is a purifying cleanse that removes waste matter from the digestive tract and detoxifies your body. The greatest thing about it is that it does its job in a gentle way without having to run for the bathroom, and without the sweats and the horrifying cramps…:) I also feel much more better and have more energy because after a good body cleanse it is known that the digestive system becomes more effective in absorbing nutrients from the food we eat…
  2. The Constipend by RelaxSlim is made with Magnesium, L-Glutamine, Olive Extract…These ingredients are known to detoxify your body and to promote digestive health and regularity!
  3. Magnesium is a powerful laxative. L-Glutamine has been found to help reconstruct and rehabilitate the intestinal walls. The olive leaf extract kills off pathogenic bacteria, parasites and yeasts.
  4. Cleanses are known to get rid of gas and bloating and it has been shown that they help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, irritability, mood swings, low energy, food cravings, constipation, smelly stools, skin problems, fatigue, and weight issues, etc…
  5. Take 4 capsules of CONSTIPEND throughout the day and determine if this dose creates the desired bowel movement. This should happen either within the same day or by the following day. If necessary, you can increase or decrease your dosage of CONSTIPEND according to how your body responds to the first 4 you took.
  6. The bottle has 120 capsules/60 servings…The capsules are easy to swallow .
  7. The Constipend by RelaxSlim comes with 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee and First Class Customer Service!!


Check it out 🙂

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