The Creator’s Eye: Mover of Fate by R.N. Feldman eBook Review #fantasy #review


The Creator’s Eye: Mover of Fate by R.N. Feldman

Things I Love & Learnt About The Creator’s Eye: Mover of Fate by R.N. Feldman

The Creator’s Eyes by R.N. Feldman is a beautifully written fantasy book that moves fast and will captivate your attention. Meet the Movers, people that manipulate matter with their mind, and the strange Folds in space that transform the landscape into wondrous and often deadly anomalies. Michael Edwards, a young Mover, discovers that he came from a long line of beings who can not only Move matter, but can actually Create it, so he finds himself at the center of a cosmic struggle for power. Michael, aided by friends, family, and an ominous prophecy, allies himself with  strange creatures and characters as he fights to become Mover of his own destiny.

This book is amazing!!! It is descriptive, beautifully written and inspiring! Arinbold, the world created by the author, is both magical and scientific. An intriguing universe, and an excellent debut for Feldman. I cannot wait for the next book in what is to become a Trilogy!

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About the Author

2Feldman is first known as an artist and has exhibited his luminous and iridescent paintings at galleries and museums all over the world. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA where he teaches at Otis College of Art & Design and spends as much time hiking through the local mountains as he can. Metaphysics, useless scientific trivia, and extensive treks throughout the world, from India to Machu Picchu, have all been major influences in his art and writing.

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