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Family Wall Decal Sticker Quote by Bobee

Removable Decoration Wall Art for Your Decor. Fun & Easy Way to Add Home Decor


Things I Love & Learnt About the Family Wall Decal Sticker Quote by Bobee

  1. I highly recommend the Bobee wall stickers and decals :) The Family Wall Decal is very very beautiful :) You can decorate around picture frames, above a headboard, on mirrors, doors, on a staircase wall, and more!! Just let your imagination go and you will be amazed at your decorating skills…
  2. The Family sticker is 22 inches wide by 10 inches tall. The letters are connected for one single transfer on one single sheet
  3. It was very very easy to install and it only took me minutes once I decided what I wanted to do with it…
  4. You can stick it to any smooth surface such as walls, windows, doors, mirrors, furniture, chalkboards, cars and more…Once you stick it, it will stay put… and if you outgrow and get bored with the design you can take it off without damaging the wall or having to repaint…:)
  5. The decal comes on transfer paper and it comes with instructions.
  6. Bobee guarantees you that the vinyl will remove without residue or damage on the wall for 2 years from purchase, or your money back!  Rest assured…the removable vinyl decals are completely safe for painted walls, glass, furniture, and most anywhere you’d like to add a splash of happiness…
  7. The Bobee Decals are made in the USA, yes, another way way to support our business owners!! Check out their website for other great decals: Bobee 🙂

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