The Disappearance of E.A.B. by Gwen E. Campbell Review #solopressII #review


The Disappearance of EAB by Gwen E. Campbell

The worst part was feeling nothing, feeling empty, and then relief. Wendell was dead, Amelia was dead. There was no grief. Now Anna was safe.

Things I Love & Learnt About The Disappearance of EAB by Gwen E. Campbell

Anna Kinner discovers that her entire life was based on a lie after she finds her father’s diary along with thousands of copies of an out-of-town newspaper. She decides to travel to the place where it all began to look for answers, but eventually she finds a man who changes the whole meaning of her life…

The Disappearance of EAB by Gwen E. Campbell is the story of a desperate, yet strong young woman, searching for her true identity. The author weaved a plot that will intrigue and keep you reading. You will read of grief and forgiveness, insanity and loyalty… A riveting story…

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